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Dear Friends

Enchanted Indigo has closed its doors
to pursue other adventures

Although this website will be permanently shut down at some point, we will however, continue to post occasional blog entries with little bits and pieces of the local events we find noteworthy.

Feel free to stay in touch with us thru our blog
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then you will see a link called "email" on the left. click it to email us!

A big, magical "thank you" goes out to everyone who supported Enchanted Indigo over the years. Whether you came in to purchase a gift, browse our shop or just stop in for some great conversation, it was a terrific experience meeting all of you and I am sure our paths will cross again!

All our best in 2009 and onward

Shine on



As the old saying goes:
when one door closes, another opens, right?
And so it has!
Image by LisaMac



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